Vitamin D may be one of the keys to fighting diabetes

Vitamin D may be one of the keys to fighting diabetes

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Vitamin D may be one of the keys to fighting diabetes

New research indicates a good dose of Vitamin D can help protect you against diabetes. Researchers have found that low blood levels of Vitamin D interfere with the proper function of insulin-producing cells. Low Vitamin D levels also result in an increase in the risk of insulin resistance, even in otherwise healthy individuals. So consider stepping into the sunshine if you want to increase your own Vitamin D levels. Be sure to read the related article, Every person needs sunlight exposure to create vitamin D, obesity impairs vitamin D absorption.- Staff writersNews summary:


When you think of vitamin D, what do you think of?The understanding about the importance of vitamin D and health has changed dramatically.New research now demonstrates a laundry list of benefits of vitamin D for nearly 10 different health conditions including diabetes and insulin resistance.Vitamin D is both a hormone and a vitamin.The Diabetes Connection Low blood levels of vitamin D appear to interfere with the proper functioning of insulin-producing cells.After years of overworking, the insulin-producing cells can become exhausted and lose their ability to make enough insulin.If not enough insulin is present, blood glucose levels will begin to rise.Those with higher blood levels of vitamin D have better sensitivity to insulin and lower blood glucose levels compared to those with the lowest vitamin D levels.Sources of Vitamin D The skin is the most plentiful source of vitamin D. When exposed to ultraviolet light, our skin can produce as much as 20,000 IU of vitamin D from full-body sun exposure in areas near the equator.Because nature intended our body to produce vitamin D, food sources are limited to egg yolks, liver, cod liver oil and fortified milk.Compared to skin production, a glass of fortified milk only provides about 100 IU of vitamin D.The recommendations by the Food and Nutrition Board for 200-600 IU a day for most healthy Americans is now thought to greatly underestimate the needs of those with chronic illness, such as diabetes.Your need for vitamin D will vary greatly depending on where you live and how often you are exposed to the sun.Another factor to consider is the use of sunscreen which, although important for preventing skin cancer, blocks the skins ability to produce vitamin D by over 95 percent.

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