Bank Services

Bank Services

Our Bank Outsourcing service was developed following the change in VAT legislation in 2009, initially for organisations unable to reclaim VAT.

We were asked by a number of customers to deliver a service that would cut costs, create organisational efficiencies and provide fully compliant staff to front line services.

The Bank Outsourcing service contains three main parts:

» Core Bank Services recruit, vet and induct the required number of staff specifically for use as bank workers by the customer. We then hand over the recruitment documentation to the customer''s HR department.

» Alternatively we collect all documentation from the organisation and transfer for workers to Core Bank services, we then assume all employment responsibility and obligations for the worker including compliance and Payroll.
» The bank workers are offered a casual or zero hours by Core Bank Services who takes on the responsibility for paying them, thereby avoiding VAT liability on the worker''s pay, NI contributions and their holiday pay.

» Core Bank Services then manage the coordination of shifts and collation of the hours worked. We produce on-line management information and reports to facilitate the smooth running of the Bank service.

When you outsource your bank to Core Bank Services we maintain worker compliance, provide quality management information, Run payroll and produce monthly reports.

We assume professional responsibility for everyone we recruit, that''s why we insist on every worker undertaking service specific mandatory training.

Service Delivery

Core Bank Services will provide a team, dedicated to providing a service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We are always just one call away for planned and responsive shift cover.

The Journey So Far

Core Bank Services have surpassed the expectations of our customers with huge savings on direct staff costs, less management time wasted on shift management and administration and enhanced quality of front line staffing.