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Title 7 Things You Must Do To Gain Weight
Author Shawn Lebrun
Product e-book - 110 pages $39.00

Certified Personal Trainer

Natural Body Builder & Fitness Expert


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Guarantee 8 week unconditional, money back guarantee
Shawn LeBrun''s system is written simply, not assuming that you''ve tried to gain any weight or muscle in the past. He has simplified things to keep it uncomplicated and do-able.

Not only is the author a personal trainer and natural bodybuilder, but he knows what he''s talking about with regard to building muscle and losing fat as he has transformed his own body spectacularly.

We all know it takes honest work and a smart approach to nutrition to get the same kind of results - and Shaun gives you all the pieces, step-by-step in the safest, fastest, easiest way. You can just plug into a proven nutrition and weight training system so you''ll know exactly what to do, how to do it and WHEN to do it.

Shawn Lebrun''s promise to his followers is this.... "I can honestly promise you this: An improvement in muscle size, strength and appearance — dramatic and impressive gains — all within the first 30 days of using this system. You simply cannot fail by following these techniques."

7 Things You MUST DO To Gain Weight table of contents

* Step 1: How To Gain Any Amount Of Weight You Want.

* Step 2: Calories: They Make Or Break Your Weight Gain Results.

* Step 3: Nutrition: Exactly How To Eat To Gain Weight.

* Step 4: How To Set Up Weight Training: Reps, Sets, and More.

* Step 5: How Many Muscle Groups, Days to Train, and Rest.

* Step 6: Cardio: How To Do It So You Don''t Lose Weight.

* Step 7: The Best Supplements for Weight Gain.

What some people have to say about "Fast Weight Gain System"

On 7/31/05 I purchased the e-book "7 Things You MUST Do to Add Muscle, Gain Weight, and Increase Strength". 11 days later and It''s already become a way of life for me. I have already increase my lifts (weight Wise) and have gained 15 pounds, while losing inches in my waist.

I have been struggling with nutrition and training for about 8 years now. I already know that I''ve made the right choice this time.

Joseph Rockefeller
Los Angeles, California

The program is really promising. I have only been on it for about 4 weeks and have already gained 10 pounds. My muscles are looking bigger and a lot more ripped than they ever have. I have gone up at least 20 pounds on my bench press and have been getting comments from all of my friends and family who notice my growth.

Joey Davidson

"I love your program "7 things you must do to gain weight" I have only been on it for 2 weeks but have noticed big gains in my lifts from when I was wasting my time at the gym doing all the wrong things."

Jimmy Wilson
Australia Copyright 2009

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