CDC Numbers: HIV Prevention in US a Failure Healthtorial

CDC Numbers: HIV Prevention in US a Failure  Healthtorial

CDC Numbers: HIV Prevention in US a Failure

The topic of AIDS care has been of great debate in the past two decades, and there appears to now be a movement to start focusing on preventative care once again.  “These numbers are a scathing indictment of how profoundly U.S. and CDC HIV prevention efforts have failed,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the U.S. largest AIDS organization, in a statement from Mexico City. “Despite the way the CDC is spinning these new numbers—which AHF has been calling for the public release of since last October—there is absolutely no good news here. Without an accurate picture of the epidemic, vastly underestimated for the past ten years, we have missed countless opportunities to intervene with effective public health strategies. The U.S. must immediately appropriate $200 million in order to test 10 million people over the next three years. Massive scale-up of HIV testing is the only way to bring down these appalling numbers. Identifying all those who are infected and linking them to treatment, is the only way to break the chain of new infections and begin to address the nation’s runaway epidemic.

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CDC Numbers: HIV Prevention in US a Failure

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