Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief

3 Herniated Discs in Neck, Shoulder Pain and Numbness in Fingers for Years

Rudy needed neck pain relief, though he came to learn how to help his wife with several issues. Rudy has 3 herniated discs in his neck. He had no feeling in his fingers and works as a plumber.

Within seconds of wearing the My Winning Factor Relief Discs, he started feeling his fingers tingling and his range of motion increased to almost full range.

Neck Pain Relief and Increased Circulation:

Programmed holograms can transmit electromagnetic signals to meridians to restore or influence cellular structures because they influence a cell’s maximum vibration rate, influencing metabolic functions within the body, including the body’s ability to repair and recover itself.

Not only can the disc positively affect the body when placed on meridians, but also being placed on a congested area, the disc vibrational rate alone will rev up the vibration of cells, which can trigger the decongesting process. The activity of the lymph system is increased and the body is once again placed in a better position to repair and heal itself.

To avoid any misunderstanding, it’s not the disc that repairs or heals, but due to the stimulation or influence it creates, the body has more activity in a specific meridian or area to take care of itself. The more activity and blood flow the greater the lymph activity and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to an area and its cellular structures.

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