Fad diets : A potential health threat Long Healthy Life

Fad diets : A potential health threat  Long Healthy Life

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Fad diets : A potential health threat

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It is true that in recent years issues related to diet and weight loss are among the most sought after. One of the smartest commercial fabrications of the weight loss industry are the unorthodox diets (fad diets). These diets are based on two principles:

1. The imbalance in macro-nutrient ingredients summarized in the following characteristics: Very low-carbohydrate, high in protein, low in fat.

2. In eating or avoiding certain foods from your daily diet.

Famous examples are: the Stilman diet in 1967, the Atkins diet in 1972, the Beverly Hills diet in 1980, in 1981 the Cabbage Soup diet and in 1995 the Zone diet.

The additional data characterizing the fad diets are:

- The questionable credibility of the author.

- The diet promotes:Magic and miracle foods, Quick Weight Loss, Not exercising, Strict menu, Good and bad foods.

- Diet is too good to be true!

What should be clear is that there are no studies to support these diets. In contrast, these diets are characterized by the use of empirical evidence rather than concrete facts to prove their effectiveness and lack of any criticism from colleagues.

The side effects listed after the application of such diets is headaches, dizziness, nausea, lack of concentration and more severe as ypercholisteroloaimia, hypertriglyceridemia, anemia, lack of vitamins and minerals which can lead to thinning hair, breaking nails and more systematic problems.

Weight loss usually occurs in fad diets due to fluid loss and muscle tissue, not fat loss. Another major disadvantage of these diets is that the person takes wrong eating habits and is not trained in a universally healthy eating way of life. The result, after completion of the nutritional program, is that the person reverts to their old habits and regain the lost weight, sometimes even more.

It is scientifically documented that the most effective weight loss program is the one that combines a balanced diet, changing eating habits and regular exercise.

Following the diet suggested by a friend, an acquaintance or just a diet that has fallen into our hands, is very likely not gong to have the desired effect, but may create problems in the body and our health.

Who should we contact to have a correct and valid information?

When we start a diet, always seek the advice of a specialist (a dietitian-nutritionist scientist) who will develop personalized dietary recommendations based on age, sex , history, habits and particular needs of each individual.

Unfortunately due to lack of state controls diets are suggested by people who do not have that capacity, such as gymnasts, often because they have some education they think they know the science of nutrition, from beauticians, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, doctors without equivalent academic training and others.

There are known supplement companies that use accountants, economists, etc. to practice the profession of dietician to promote their products. The correct and accurate research is the best approach before choosing the appropriate scientist.

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Fad diets : A potential health threat

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