Download A Copy Of My Workout Log Sheet Health and Fitness Blog -

Download A Copy Of My Workout Log Sheet  Health and Fitness Blog -

September 9, 2008Download A Copy Of My Workout Log Sheet

Over my many years in bodybuilding and fitness training Ive learnt that my best gains are made when I record my workout sessions and monitor my weekly progress. I publish my own Free Workout Log sheet for anyone to download, however let me explain why you should use a Exercise log sheet.

Why Use my printable fitness log

It doesnt matter if you want to gain muscle or lose fat, because if you really want to achieve your personal goals then you really should be logging your workouts.

If you create a record of your exercises, reps, sets, and weights at each gym workout, you will soon have an accurate history of your progress. In order to gain muscle mass or lose fat you will need to keep pushing yourself a little bit harder each training session in order to beat your previous weeks workouts.

Therefore, when you go to your next training session refer to your Exercise log sheet and try and improve on it. An improvement in your weight training workout could be anything from 1 more rep on your last set of squats, to beating your personal best on your 5k running time on the treadmill by 10 seconds.

Personally I dont stop there, I also use additional software I have developed to record my body mass index (BMI) and weight against targets that I set before I start a new workout program. This program produces charts that can show me if Im on target or not. This acts as great motivational tool.

Where can I download the Exercise log sheet?

You can download my printable fitness log and other software tools directly from my website Adding Muscle Mass. I even provide full instructions and video on how to use them.

You dont need to register, or even give me your email address as they are there for anyone to use. Further information can be found here: printable workout log

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