Colonoscopies reduce risk of colon cancer

Colonoscopies reduce risk of colon cancer

(January 5, 2010) Researchers found out that colonoscopies can lessen the risk of colon cancer in both sides of the colon.

The researchers in German Cancer Research Center disclosed their discovery in an article issued in Annals of Internal Medicine. These newest discoveries oppose some previous researches which recommended that there were blind spots on the right side of the colon concerning colonoscopies.

In addition, colonoscopy is an examination that lets physician to have an inside look at the rectum and colon of the patient. The doctor uses colonoscope, a flexible tube, with a camera attach to its end. As the camera moves throughout the rectum and colon, the physician watches everything on a monitor.

Moreover, the colonoscope can reach right to the end of colon. The procedure of colonoscopy aids the physician to determine any abnormalities in the patient’s colon and rectum. It also helps doctor to recommend patient to take a biopsy, or even eliminate a polyps found there and then.

Dr. Hermann Brenner stated that their massive research found out a 77 percent lower risk of malignancy in general among those who underwent the procedure. It can even reach the left side of the colon more with no trouble and the researchers also found out that it can even lower the risk of malignancy in that part.

However, the doctor and his team extended that for those that will undergo colonoscopy; the lessened risk was still significant for left and right sides. According to authors, colonoscopy has been verified drastically that it can lower the probabilities of having cancer.

Still, its importance in the community has never been eloquently clear; some observational researches had specified that there were lower advantages than those found in the National Polyp Study. Other researches had advised that there was only an advantage in reduced risk for the left part of the rectum and colon, while the jeopardy to the other side was not clear.

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