Cancers And Diseases To Good Health

Cancers And Diseases To Good Health

The lung cancer causes are many in number, but the top spot for the cause goes to cigarette smoking. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers that are known to humans because there are many millions of people who are smoking. Smoking is a habit that is continued by many people even after a lot of awareness campaign against smoking. There are also other causes of lung cancer and they too can lead to the same lung cancer symptoms. Any person who is having a pre existing lung condition can also suffer from lung cancer.

1. Smoking: Smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer. There are many people who know this fact, but are still involved in smoking. This causes them to suffer a great deal. Smoking is the top cause of lung cancer mainly because of the presence of the nicotine in the cigarette that is full of tobacco. When the person who is smoking inhales the nicotine filled smoke, it gets settled on the various parts of the lungs and can cause damage to the lungs leading to lung cancer over a period of time.

2. Radon gas exposure: Any person who is exposed to some gases like Radon gas will suffer from lung cancer. Radon gas as a lung cancer cause is well known. This is because of the fact that the gas enters the respiratory system and causes severe damage to the system.

3. Asbestos exposure: Any person who is exposed to asbestos in the industry where the person is working or even in the house that is constructed with asbestos, may suffer from lung cancer. This is a very common cause for mesothelioma suits. The cancer that is caused by the exposure to the asbestos occurs in the pleura of the lungs. This kind of cancer is also called as the mesothelioma cancer.

4. Existing lung disease as lung cancer causes: Many of the people who suffer from lung cancer are those who have been having a pre existing lung damage or lung disease. This disease would have caused damage to the lungs which acts as a trigger for cancerous growth to occur. A lot of research has been done that shows that those who have a pre existing condition in the lungs will not only suffer a lot more, but the prognosis of the disease can also be poor.

5. Metastases: There are some people who have been suffering from other kinds of cancer. When a person suffers from cancer, then it can cause the formation of metastases. This can reach the lungs and can form cancer of the lungs. Cancerous growth in the lungs because of metastases is also a common cause for lung cancer.

The list that has been given here is not a comprehensive one. There are many other unknown causes of the disease too. There are some people who may not have had any of the exposures that have been mentioned here. In spite of this, they seem to suffer a lot because of the disease. This is because of the unknown lung cancer causes, also commonly known as an idiopathic cause.